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January 30, 2018
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April 17, 2018
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Here comes the Groom?

Traditional customs say that every girl plans her wedding when they are young. That means she has every color, table, chair, and fork picked out. When it actually comes time to plan your big day, best-laid plans don’t always work out. For the Groom, wedding planning can be a very tall task. We often get asked, “Do you like these invitations?” , “Do you like these colors?” “Do you like these Flowers?”. Those are all questions that make most men tremble. When posed with these questions, how do you best deal with making the right choice? Do you flip a coin? Let us explore some strategies to make these decisions easier.

1. Make a list. This is most tried and true method for taking various options and using a visual to map out all the possible choices. Lists help
puts things into perspective and helps you and your partner see all the options in one place.

2. Make a compare and contrast diagram. This is a tried and true method. These diagrams help take all the choices and compare them against each

3. Make compromises. This may be the most difficult option but can help squash disagreements that might arise. This was for me most useful when
picking out food options. In my experience, my fiancé and I went around and around trying to decide between serving chicken or spaghetti as our
main course for our wedding. Our compromise ended up being myself picking the entrée while she picked the appetizer.

Planning any wedding can be challenging but, the key is to find a strategy that will best work for both you and your partner. Picking one of these strategies or, using a mix of all three can make your wedding planning experience go faster and smoother and make your big day even more special.