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September 27, 2017
Here comes the Groom?
March 26, 2018

Did you know that the most popular days to get engaged are between December 23rd through December 31st and Valentine’s Day. With Christmas and New Years behind us, we are just weeks away from Valentine’s Day. If you’re expecting a sparkly bauble for a very special finger on February 14th, then you’ll probably need to start thinking about what happens next. So many people will outline all of the “must do” items but will they tell you want not to do? Sometimes the “what not to dos” are just as important, and sometimes even more important, as the “to dos” a newly engaged bride-to-be needs to check off on her journey to her wedding day.

Here are just a few top 5 things to consider “not” doing in the days, weeks and months leading up to your wedding day:

  1. Don’t invite more guests that you can actually afford to have attend your wedding and reception. Consider the venue you’ve chosen and their capacity as well as the cost per person for food and drinks. Another thing to consider, hosting an intimate ceremony with your closest family and friends followed by a larger reception celebration with the co-workers, friends of your parents and close acquaintances.
  2. Decide if you’re using a wedding planner and don’t begin interviewing, hiring or signing any vendor contracts before a planner is selected. Many planners work with a list of preferred vendors where they can leverage relationships to ensure the best pricing as well as ensure highest quality of those vendors. Your venue may also have a list of preferred vendors which are very familiar with the grounds and can help you enhance your vision.
  3. Don’t designate anybody else as a “go between” for you and the planner because you are too busy. The relationship you will develop with your planner will be a very special bond and she will become your biggest cheerleader to ensure that your vision is realized. No one else can do that for you so lean on her and her resources.
  4. Don’t put off all the things your wedding planner told you to get done in the first three months of planning. Following a schedule is vital to ensuring all of the items are fulfilled according to deadlines as well as a way to keep organized throughout the planning process.
  5. Don’t let the bridesmaids choose their own dresses. If you don’t want to specify one dress for everyone, give them guidelines to follow such as colors or shares of color, length and neckline to ensure a cohesive look is achieved.

No matter when your engagement actually happens, you will have a laundry list of things to do but if you stay organized and rely on those closest to you to support you through the process, your day will be just as you envisioned. The Heritage Ranch Golf & Country Club has a long history of relationships with local wedding vendors and can help you throughout the process of planning your special day. Contact us today for a tour and information about our wedding venue.